You manage a top global brand or a portfolio of well-known brands. What's your best investment?

a) Advertising?

So you think it could be advertising? Not exactly, although any ad agency and media planning firm would argue otherwise. I'm not against advertising - it works - and anything that works well is suitable; however, for most of the history of advertising none of the ad agencies could tell what elements of the advertising were working. Now they've been forced into metrics and measurement to appease clients who are smarter and demand more out of their budgets. But what's the cost of an ad and who's going to see it?

Sometimes, for the cost of an ad you could have a much more compelling offering... we'll show you how to combine entertainment/education/art or cause marketing themes (things people actually want to see) and build them around your brand, your message, and your company.

Is it easy? No. But neither is advertising, PR/publicity, or social media campaigns - the benefit of our work is that you often get to include the benefits of those established mediums, and you are free to maximize their impact.

b) PR & publicity

c) Social media

d) ???

You could wait to see what the economy does. Or come to us for the focus you need to ignite ideas and make things happen. Our Branded Entertainment & Sponsorship programs will fine-tune your vision, augmenting strategy and creativity - and get you ready to execute on your great ideas now.